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Sewing secrets: The one and only seam you need to sew your own panties!

Updated: May 19, 2019

Yes, there’s only one seam you need to have when sewing your own panties!

I will present two other common and very useful seams, but they’re not a must have.

1. 3 step zigzag: This seam can actually replace your overlock seam (if you don’t have an overlocker). You can use it for side seams, for sewing together your back pieces or when sewing the elastic to the waist. It’s very useful.

2. Overlock: For lingerie making I would recommend a three (3) threaded overlock seam. I usually set the width too 3mm because I like my seams to be narrow. I recommend you to read the manual for your overlocker to get the settings right for the fabric you’re going to use.

3. Straight elastic seam: This hasn’t been on the market for too long, I got this seam when I invested in a new domestic sewing machine right after Christmas. I really like it! If you have an older machine you’ll probably not have this particular seam. If you for example want a more clean look on your elastic waistband, you can use this seam instead of the 3 step zigzag seam.

It’s also great for swimwear sewing!

A lot of people ask me if you have to invest in expensive equipment to be able to make your own lingerie, the truth is YOU DON’T! If you have a 3 step zigzag stitch, you’re good to go! This is the one and only seam you need.

Happy sewing! ✂️