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How to easily fix an unwanted fold to the edge while sewing!

I most say this has been my numer one biggest issue when sewing in delicate fabrics…

I think we can all agree on that unpicking is one of the most boring and time-consuming things you can do. When overlocking an edge, the fabric on one side sometimes fold and it’s really frustrating.

This is how I solved it!

I used to use pins but then I found a way more efficient way of keeping the fabric pieces together! It’s easy to use, very flexible and you won’t get that unwanted fold to the edge! I use the Prym aqua glue pen marker and it is amazing!

I’ve tried wonder tape as well, but it’s trickier to handle and not as flexible as the pen. It’s good for straight lines tho.

The only downside with the glue pen is that your fingers get a little sticky and the surface you’re working on. But it’s totally worth it! And all the glue goes away when you wash it, or you can do as I do, put it under the tap and rubb it a little.

And with the glue pen you won’t have any pins to get in your way. I buy mine from a local shop but you can find it online or perhaps there’s a local shop where you live who sells them. If you haven’t tried it yet, you defiantly should! Oh and you can buy refills for the pen, so you don't actually have to buy a new pen every time. It's very easy to make the refill as well! 😊

Klick here to get to the Aqua glue marker.