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Easy elastic guide for panty sewing

Here you'll see 4 different kinds of elastics which are very common. It can be difficult to know which once to buy the first times. I thought I'd share my personal opinion and experience of the four.

1. Lace: This is my favourite, it's super comfy and easy to sew. And one of the best things, it dosen't show as easily under your clothes as many others do. I prefer a width of about 2cm wide.

2. Elastic: I only use this one for the waist line, why? cos in my opinion it's not very comfy to wear around the legs. But it does leave you with a cute little edge.

3. Folded elastic: This one is similar to FOE but already folded, it's very soft and very comfortable. I think it can be a little wide and can make the creation look a little "clumsy", But over all it's a nice elastic.

4. FOE (fold over elastic): A very useful thing to have in stock. I use FOE a lot, not only for panties but also when making bralettes. It gives a very clean and neat look to your lingerie.

I most say the number one issue the elastics have in common is when you use them over the bottom. I mostly make my back piece in lace, I do love lace... I guess it also depends on what clothes you normally wear. I usually wear clothes with a tighter fit and want my back piece to be as neat as possible. If I wear clothes with a more loose fit, I'm not so picky tho.

We're all different and like different things, I think the best thing you can do is to use what you're most comfortable with.

Happy sewing ✂️