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Bias binding presser foot with fold over elastics? & Stitches to use when sewing elastic.

These are the stitches I normally use when sewing elastics to the panty or bralette. Here you'll se an example of the stitches and the elastics.👆🏻

The 3 step zig zag stitch can easily be adjusted to desired width & length. Some like it to be narrow and will place the seam similar to how I've placed the straight elastic stitch (see pic). I usually make the 3 step zigzag stitch wider (pic. nr 2) and I always use a thread in the same color as the elastic 😅.

I did an experiment when sewing the FOE (fold over elastic) (nr.2). I used a bias binding presser foot! 'I thought ity could be of good use when sewing elastic... It was a little tricky to manage but I like the result. I think after a little practice it will be easier 😊 The width of the FOE is 10mm (5mm when folded) and the width of the bias binding presser foot when it folds is 6mm.

But as the elastic is a bit thicker then the bias binding I needed that extra mm. I tried to use a 12mm (6mm when folded) elastic but it didn't work out very well...

Happy sewing! 🌻

Bias binding presser foot 👇🏻