Pattern tester application
How long have you been sewing?
At what level would you rate your sewing skills?
Do you have previous experience drafting patterns?
Approx. size?
Approx. cup size (european)
Are you or have you been a pattern tester before?

Whats is expected from me as a pattern tester?

- To sew the garment as according to the instructions given.

- You need to be able to sew the garment within 1-2 weeks after pattern is received (unless other information is given) 

- To give feedback on fitting, instructions, skill level etc. (you'll receive questions)

- It is preferable if you have a facebook account as you will be invited to a secret group just for JMB Pattern Designs pattern testers. If not, we may be able to work something out anyways 😉

You'll receive an email within a week after submitting the form and get notified if you're application was successful or not. 

Happy sewing! ✂️